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Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
1:19 am
things that are awesome:

1. cassadaga
2. iron & wine's live set from the pabst theater
3. hot chocolate
4. hedi slimane

things that are not awesome:

1. responsibilities

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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
3:33 pm
The day before the first day of classes, I was waiting for the elevator alongside a boy and a girl that I do not remember anymore.

But. The girl was saying to her companion, my fingers are killing me, I can't stop biting them, I've been so crazy nervous. They are actually throbbing.

The boy looked at her like she was insane.

I wanted to mate with her.

Never had someone understood me so well. My fingers hurt then, and they hurt now, and I want to find this girl and bond over our swollen cuticles and crumbling nails, and then maybe we'll brush each other's hair.

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Thursday, October 26th, 2006
3:47 pm
rarrr i have a headache that hasn't gone away for the past three days, and i keep breaking out in hives. and my left arm won't stop being tingly.

yay body!

in other news, this is probably the most significant and far reaching thing i've learned in college:
when you're feeling like shit, knowing that someone else feels shittier does not help in the slightest.

also, not really new news:
i will never not love iron & wine.

do his hands in your hair feel a lot like a thing you believe in? or a bit like a bird stealing bread out from under your nose?


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Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
3:59 pm
In the past two hours I have:

1) Checked my mail approximately 8578 times

2) Eaten two cookies that were not as good as I was expecting

3) Watched way too much John Stewart on youtube

In the past two hours I have not:

1) Written a french paper

2) Studied for a midterm

Oh, the college life. So fulfilling. So exciting.

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Sunday, October 8th, 2006
10:19 pm
I don't really know what I'm doing, still.

But then, as life gets longer, awful feels softer.

Well it feels pretty soft to me.

Here's to feeling pretty blissfully.

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Friday, October 6th, 2006
2:41 am
I kind of wish I were drunk right now.

We went to the Brooklyn Bridge tonight. Amazing view, as you know. All of Manhattan spread out, etc. etc.

Not that profound, but beautiful nonetheless.

Hung out a lot with a new friend who reminds me of home. Good? Bad?

Je ne sais rien.

Tomorrow, work, and a whole lot of nothing. College is a lot like that. Again: Good? Bad?

I don't know, but I really really want to. Really.

Oh what a thing to do, and it was all yellow.

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